The Molson Partnership

In 1786, John Molson didn’t just thirst for a better beer, but also a better community and country. He had four core beliefs that drove his journey: others over self, character over reputation, creating a lasting impact, and keeping the legacy going. Today, these values continue to shape our history.

But we’re not alone. Molson has always been energized by the innovation, growth and potential of other trailblazers. To celebrate Canadian greatness, Molson has been partnering with other companies whose shared values have helped to create a better community for all.

Congratulations to Newfoundland Salt Company, the official recipient of The Molson Partnership.

We look forward to building a new legacy together. And what better way to kick off a historic partnership than with a historic celebration.


We’d also like to thank finalists Pack It Up Co. and Province of Canada, whose trailblazing qualities continue to inspire us and their communities.


Located in beautiful Bonavista, the Newfoundland Salt Company sources crisp clean ocean water to make their high quality flaked sea salt. Perfection and craft is everything, along with leaving a legacy of integrity in everything they do.


Pack It Up Co. in Montreal offers a variety of hobby starter kits assembled from carefully curated tools and products. Their mission is to help people rediscover the joy of doing things by hand, and to reconnect with themselves and the community, something John Molson would be proud of.


Province of Canada is a lifestyle brand based in Toronto that designs and manufactures all of their products here in Canada. Like Molson, they believe in building a better community, sticking to their values and never taking the easy way out, no matter what.